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Thank You for all you’ve done to help Smitty find her way to our home.
She is so loveable and affectionate and is a happy girl all the time. She loves her big/little brother Bear and they like to explore new adventures in the backyard everyday…soon she’ll have an even BIGGER back yard to run full out and chase the insects …which is her favorite past time.”

Kathy & Stewart


“We got Mya through Walter at RescueOp and she has fit in perfectly with our family! We were matched with the right dog for our lifestyle and Walter was great at following up and making sure Mya was adjusting well. Walter let us know that RescueOp was there if we had any trouble during the adjustment period and was open and honest with all questions and concerns. It was a great experience being that Mya was our first rescue dog and we wouldn’t hesitate to go through RescueOp again to adopt.”

Jenn & Spencer


“Thank you Walter from RescueOP for putting us in contact with those surrendering Jemma. We are lucky to have found each other and have you to thank.”

Kaileigh & Marcus



“Max was in the shelter for 551 days when we saw his post. He had a few visits but nobody came back a second time. He was sad and alone, after just two visits he gave me his belly and it was clear he just needed someone to give him a chance. I refused to give up on him a few more visits and the muzzle was removed. Our posts got the attention of some great people and now he’s in a forever home and happy.”




Gunner and Rosie

“These are our two rescues Gunner and Rosie; we rescued both when they were a year old through a local rescue in our area. Gunner is now 5 and Rosie is 2. These guys are great dogs proving that rescue or shelter dogs can be a great addition to any family.”



Bob Marley

“Thank you Walter from for bringing Bob Marley into my life. We could not be a better match! I’m pushing him a little more everyday to let go of yesterday’s worries to make for a better boy tomorrow. From crate training to free range of the house; Kleenex munching to respect for the garbage, this little rascal evolved from an anxious hyper young boy into a respectful sweetheart. I was worried at first about taking on more than I could chew but thanks to your help and coaching, I felt confident I could change Marley’s life around by giving him the structure and affection he needed. And looking at him now is amazing! So thank you for helping me find and adopt Marley.”


Kittens in a Parking Lot

“We received a call about these little guys living in a commercial parking lot under a wooden skid. With the cold weather approaching quickly we took them in,we got them all the shots they needed and found them all homes. All are growing quickly and are healthy and very happy!”



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